Kick Out Blair!

– on May 14th –

West Virginia – Senate District 15

Sen. Blair Supports the Radical Green Energy Agenda!

In a Time of Economic Uncertainty…


…State Senator Craig Blair is pushing a radical green energy agenda that threatens West Virginian jobs and prosperity.



Blair has voted to:

  • Give $290 million in green energy corporate welfare to Form Energy
  • Increase YOUR energy costs by subsidizing solar power
  • Undermine West Virginia’s vitally important coal industry


We Don’t Need Biden’s Stooges

Vote to Protect West Virginia Jobs!

Vote Against State Senator Craig Blair on May 14th!



Sen. Blair Voted to Raise the Gas Tax!

In a Time of Economic Hardship…

…State Senator Craig Blair voted to burden struggling families with higher costs at the pump.

Closet Democrat State Senator Craig Blair keeps prioritizing the radical green agenda over the interests of his constituents.

Democrat Craig has voted for:

  • Increasing YOUR gas prices
  • Increasing YOUR taxes
  • Undermining our energy independence


We Don’t Need Biden’s Stooges

Say NO to Higher Gas Taxes!

Say NO to Democrat Craig on May 14th!



Senator Craig Blair Voted to Trans Our Children!

State Senator Craig Blair Voted For An Amendment to HB 2007…

…that allowed minors to continue taking gender transition drugs, such as puberty blockers.


By voting to allow minors to undergo hormone therapy, Senator Craig Blair exposed our children to the same chemical castration methods used by Nazi Germany.


Side effects of this castration include:

  • Eating disorders
  • Debilitating mental health issues
  • Cancer



Groomer Craig Sold Out Our Children to the Radical Left

Don’t Let the Radical Gender Agenda Win!

Vote Against Craig Blair on May 14th!

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Senator Craig Blair Voted to Steal Your Property!

State Senator Craig Blair Voted to Take Away Your Property Rights…

…and allow big corporations to steal your property.


Senate Bill 576 will:

  • Allow corporations to steal your property
  • Allow corporations to dig on your property without your consent
  • Destroy your property values


Craig Blair doesn’t respect your property rights.



Blair Voted to Allow Corporations to Take Your Property

Don’t Vote for Corporate Sellouts!

Vote Out Craig Blair on May 14th!

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EARLY VOTING May 1st – May 11th



Support The RINO Hunt Against Sen. Craig Blair!



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