Kick Out Cabell!

– on April 23rd –

Pennsylvania House Representative – District 117

Mike Cabell Sold Out Your Kids! 

 You Know Who Owns Your State Representative?

Follow The Money! 




Cabell has taken his 30 pieces of silver to sell out our children to Kooth, a company that specializes in brainwashing and castrating our kids.





Michael Cabell wants your child to be able to access ‘mental health’ services without supervision so the Left can push their agenda on them.




  •   Tells gender-confused kids to bind their breasts
  •   Promotes trans ideology publicly 
  • Is already in Philadelphia schools
  •   Coming soon to our community



Mike Cabell:

  •   Has received lobbyist payouts from Koờth
  •   Meets with Kooth executives
  •   Praises Kooth and pushes it on schools





Stop The Radical Left’s Insanity! 

Stop Rep. Michael Cabell!

Vote “NO” on April 23rd!

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Rep. Mike Cabell Arrested? 

Did you know that your State Rep. was arrested for driving drunk and high in 2021?




State Rep. Michael Cabell was caught drunkenly trespassing and speeding at a state park. He was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and had nearly double the legal alcohol limit in his system.




State Rep. Mike Cabell:

  • Arrested for driving drunk and high
  •   Tried to conceal his criminal record from the public
  •   Called it ‘gotcha politics’ after getting caught




“Cabel,was arrested by Newtown Township police, hit with a DUl of alcohol charge- and DUl of a controlled substance- as police believe Cabell had marijuana in his system too. Police say Cabell’s BAC was between .10%-.16%


A cop pulled him over, who says Cabell’s eyes were bloodshot. The officer smelled alcohol and Cabell admitted he’d had 4 drinks that night, according to the criminal complaint.”

By Dylan Fearon

Fox News 56 Wolf




We can’t trust reckless people like Cabell…




Don’t Trust Rep. Michael Cabell! 

Mike Cabell is NOT Responsible Enough to Represent Us!

Hold Him Accountable on April 23rd! 







“Mad Scientist” Cabell Wants To Prescribe Ketamine, Acid, MDMA…

Mad Scientists Belong in Horror Movies, NOT Our State Legislature!


“Mad Scientist” Cabell is pushing unsafe and illegal drugs on Pennsylvania residents. 





State Rep. Michael “The Mad Scientist” Cabell runs a network of mental health clinics in Pennsylvania that recommend ketamine, acid, and MDMA for mentally ill patients




Don’t buy what Michael, the mad scientist Cap is selling on election day! 




Vote “NO” to Rep. Mike Cabell

To Restore Sanity to District 117th

On April 23rd! 

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What Is Rep. Cabell Supporting? 


Was Rep. Mike Cabell Drunk When He Did This? 




Rep. Mike Cabell was convicted on DUI charges in 2021. After taking office in 2022, Mike Cabell took gifts from “Gender Affirming” Child Sex-Change Lobbyists and promoted “Kooth”, an app that directs children to transvestite “mental health” websites.




“Kooth counselors direct young girls to sites which promote breast binding.


I think I’m non-binary and I want to bind my breasts and I don’t want my parents to know. So l went into the adult help me chat thing……So there was a long sort of ‘Oh l’m sorry to hear you are sad,’ straight away introduced me to a website about binding.”

By Kellie-Jay Keen

Transgender Trend





We Can’t Trust Mike Cabell Behind The Wheel,

We Can’t Trust Him in The Pennsylvania House!

Vote “NO” to Rep. Mike Cabell on April 23rd!




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Rep. Cabell Supports Grooming Website? 

What Kind of Republican Supports Grooming Websites? 



Kooth is a foreign app for children to talk to anonymous strangers about their mental health without their parents’ knowledge. Kooth even admits on their website that they encourage children using their app to hide information from their parents!





“Beware: Kooth is coming to a school near you. 

Kooth is a digital mental health program that is being used by children in public’s school districts without parental permission. “

By Dr. Stephanie Coxon

Harrisburg 100





“NHS mental health app ‘Kooth’ is a danger to girls”

By Marry Harrington





Rep. Mike Cabell took gifts from Kooth 

lobbyists and promoted Kooth at a public meeting.

Kick “Creepy” Mike Cabell out of office on April 23rd!





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Michael Cabell is Bad News…

Don’t Let Mike Cabell Drag Pennsylvania Into His Drug Problem! 


Rep. Mike Cabell is on the board of “Elium Health” which promotes Ketamine, LSD, MDMA, and other Dangerous drugs to mentally ill patients.



Rep. Cabell is a habitual stoner who was arrested for driving high in 2021.




Mike Cabell is NO GOOD For HD-117!

Vote to Sen Mike to Rehab

On April 23rd!

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VOTE April 23rd




Support The RINO Hunt Against Rep. Mike Cabell



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