Dethrone Rep. King!

– on May 7th –

Indiana House Representative – District 49

Rep. King Wouldn’t Stand Up For The Unborn!

Rep. Joanna King Claims She Is Pro-Life…




But when she had the chance to end abortion in Indiana, she sold out to the radical left!



Rep. Joanna King had a chance to protect the unborn in the 2023 legislative session, instead she:

  • Spat in the face of her pro-life constituents
  • Defied our Republican Party Platform
  • Sold out to the Radical Left




Why did Joanna King vote with the Democrats to end the lives of preborn children?

It’s obvious: Joanna King is NOT pro-life.




Stand Up For The Unborn!

Vote Against Pro-Choice Joanna King!

Vote Her Out on May 7th!



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Don’t Let King Push The Dem Agenda On You!

Rep. Joanna King Doesn’t See The Problem Of Pushing The Democratic Agenda on Hoosiers! 




Since taking office, King has voted for SB 390 and HB 1196, which gives government handouts to green energy companies and makes average citizens powerless to stop radical leftist policies. 




Joanna King’s Support for the Green Agenda will:

  •   Increase Your TAXES 
  •   Increase GAS prices and RAISE Your UTILITY BILL
  •   Force WIND TURBINES in to Your Neighborhood




Let Rep. Joanna King Know That We Don’t Want Her Green New Deal!



Take Power Back From Radical RINOs

Like State Rep. Joanna King 

in the May 7th primary!




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Beware Of Joanna King’s Agenda…

Joanna King and Joe Biden Are Teaming Up To Increase Your Gas Prices and Push the Radical Green Agenda In Indiana!




State Rep. Joanna King Was Selected By Conservatives, But Has Been Hard At Work, Pushing Biden‘s Policies…




Since taking office in 2020, King has implemented Biden‘s marching orders to:

  • Undermine our energy independence
  • Increase your gas prices
  • Waste your tax dollars on Green New Deal project




Indiana has had enough of Biden’s agenda,

Indiana has had enough of Joanna King. 




Save Indiana Working Citizens!

Vote Out Biden‘s Crony Joanna King!

Indiana Primary on May 7th! 




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Pro-Choice Joanna King…

Rep. Joanna King Took The Gift Of Life From Innocent Children…




State Rep. Joanna King turned her back on thousands of unborn children, refusing to end abortion in Indiana, when there was an opportunity to. 




Rep. Joanna King sentence, innocent children to their deaths by voting with the Democrats to: 

  • Defy the conservatives who elected her to office
  • Surrender to the radical Left’s Agenda
  • Allow thousands of abortions a year




Vote “NO” to Rep. Joanna King!

Don’t Give Her Another Term in Indiana!

Vote Her Out on May 7th!



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Joanna “COVID” King Is No Good For HD-49!

State Rep. Joanna King is In Bed With Dr. Fauci!




This liberal puppet voted to allow COVID-19 Vaccine Passports and give IMMUNITY to government officials who locked down Indiana.




State Rep. Joanna King Voted For:

  • Vaccine Passports
  • IMMUNITY for COVID lockdown government officials
  • FORCED VACCINATION for Indiana workers and toddlers




Rep. Joanna “COVID” King Is No Good For House District 49!!




Say “never again” to Covid-Lockdowns 

By Voting “NO” to Rep. Joanna King 

on May 7th In The Election Primary!



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