Kick Out Maroney!

– on May 14th –

West Virginia – Senate District 2

Sen. Maroney Solicited Prostitutes!

Sen. Mike Maroney Claims to Share our Values…


But he has betrayed his district, his principles, and his family through his votes and personal conduct.



What Creepy Mike doesn’t want you to know:

  • He was arrested for inviting prostitutes into his family home
  • He was arrested for soliciting prostitutes on his cell phone
  • He killed legislation that would make it easier to prosecute rapists



Creepy Mike invited prostitutes into his home.

It’s time to kick him out on May 14th.




Stand Up For Our Values!

Vote Against Morally Bankrupt Politicians!

Vote Against Creepy Mike on May 14th!




Senator Mike Maroney Voted to Trans Our Children!

State Senator Mike Maroney Voted For An Amendment to HB 2007…

…that allowed minors to continue taking gender transition drugs, such as puberty blockers.


By voting to allow minors to undergo hormone therapy, Senator Mike Maroney exposed our children to the same chemical castration methods used by Nazi Germany.


Side effects of this castration include:

  • Eating disorders
  • Debilitating mental health issues
  • Cancer



Groomer Mike Sold Out Our Children to the Radical Left

Don’t Let the Radical Gender Agenda Win!

Vote Against Mike Maroney on May 14th!

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EARLY VOTING May 1st – May 11th



Support The RINO Hunt Against Sen. Mike Maroney!



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