Kick Out Meredith!

– on May 21st –

Kentucky – State House District 19

Rep. Meredith Wants to Trap Our Kids in Failing Schools!

Instead of Empowering Parents and Students with Options…


…State Representative Michael Meredith wants to keep them trapped in failing schools.


We’ve given RINO Michael Meredith too many chances to vote the right way on education freedom, but he keeps turning his back on our children.


RINO Mike’s anti-education record:

  • Opposed legislation to get children out of failing schools
  • Voted to exclude homeschooled children from extracurriculars
  • Sides with special interests over our students


We Need a Representative Who Supports Our Kids

RINO Mike Opposes Education Freedom!

Vote Out State Rep. Michael Meredith on May 21st!



State Rep. Meredith Put Politics Over YOUR Children!

While families struggled to adapt…


…COVID Crazy Meredith prioritized politics over the well-being of our children!


COVID Crazy Mike ignored the devastating impact of school closures on their academic progress and mental health.


Our Children Deserve Better

Vote to Protect Our Children!

Vote Against COVID Crazy Michael Meredith on May 21st!








EARLY VOTING May 8th – May 18th




Support The RINO Hunt Against Rep. Michael Meredith!



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