Kick Out Nelson!

– on May 14th –

West Virginia – Senate District 17

Sen. Nelson Supports the Radical Trans Agenda!

State Senator Eric Nelson Voted For An Amendment to HB 2007…

…that allowed minors to continue taking gender transition drugs, such as puberty blockers.


By voting to allow minors to undergo hormone therapy, Senator Eric Nelson exposed our children to the same chemical castration methods used by Nazi Germany.


Side effects of this castration include:

  • Eating disorders
  • Debilitating mental health issues
  • Cancer



Groomer Eric Sold Out Our Children to the Radical Left

Don’t Let the Radical Gender Agenda Win!

Vote Against Eric Nelson on May 14th!

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Senator Eric Nelson Voted Against Protecting Our Children!

Creepy Eric Nelson Was One of Only Five Republicans…

…to vote against a bill keeping men out of women’s sports.


Creepy Eric Nelson voted for dangerous and extreme legislation that will endanger young women across our state.

Creepy Eric supports:

  • Allowing men in girl’s locker rooms
  • Putting women in harm’s way in contact sports
  • Allowing men to take awards from women competitors



Eric’s trans insanity has already resulted in numerous women being injured by biological males. Just weeks ago, a six-foot tall male basketball player with facial hair brutalized multiple innocent women during a basketball game, forcing the entire team to forfeit. Creepy Eric thinks disgusting displays of violence like this one are okay.


We Can’t Afford to Put Young Women in Harm’s Way

Vote to Protect Women!

Vote Against State Senator Craig Blair on May 14th!



Sen. Nelson Wants to Trap Our Kids in Failing Schools!

Instead of Empowering Parents and Students with Options…

…State Senator Eric Nelson wants to keep them trapped in failing schools.


We’ve given RINO Eric Nelson too many chances to vote the right way on education freedom, but he keeps turning his back on our children.

RINO Eric’s anti-education record:

  • Subjecting homeschooled children to government overreach
  • Opposing legislation to get children out of failing schools
  • Violating religious liberty in public schools


RINO Eric won’t give our kids a chance in Education.


We Need a Senator Who Supports Our Kids

RINO Eric Opposes Education Freedom!

Vote RINO Eric Nelson Out on May 14th!








EARLY VOTING May 1st – May 11th



Support The RINO Hunt Against Sen. Eric Nelson!



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