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– on May 7th –

Indiana House Representative – District 50

Get To Know Your Representative – Rep. Robert Leadbeter!

A Representative Who Stands For Freedom!


Meet Lorissa Sweet:

Rep. Lorissa Sweet is a loving wife, mother, and local business owner. Rep. Sweet parlayed solid support by Indiana Mover, Amy Schlichter, and the grassroots into one of the few bright spots on Indiana Primary day in 2022. So far this session she has filed bills to eliminate Indiana’s State Income Tax, eliminate Red Flag Laws, exempt Indiana from Daylight Savings Time, abolish abortion by including the unborn under the definition of “human being”, and eliminate vaccine mandates.



Leadbeter Will Fight To:

  • LOWER TAXES – Promoting economic growth and personal financial freedom by advocating for lower taxes and responsible government spending.
  • PROTECT GUN RIGHTS – Empowering responsible citizens with the fundamental right to bear arms for their protection and freedom.
  • PRO LIFE – Championing the sanctity of life from conception to natural end. Standing firm on the value of every life.



On May 7th

Re-Elect Rep. Lorissa Sweet 

For Indiana House Representative



Lorissa Sweet Is A Proven Freedom Fighter!

In Just One Term, State Rep. Lorissa Sweet Has Proven Herself To Be A Freedom Fighter! 

Rep. Sweet is taking the lead on legislation that will keep the government out of your pocketbook and out of your business!




Lorissa Sweet:

  • Authored Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation.
  • Co-authored legislation to eliminate income tax
  • Has fought for your medical freedom




State Rep. Lorissa Sweet has been hard at work fighting for your rights in Indianapolis!




The Choice is Clear

A Vote For Lorissa Sweet Is A Vote For Freedom.

Vote For Freedom Fighter Rep. Sweet On May 7th!





Lorissa Sweet Stands for Integrity! 

Rep. Lorissa Sweet Has Taking Action to Stamp Out Corruption in Indiana!




Lorissa Sweet has fought for transparency and good stewardship of your taxpayer money while her shady opponent was audited by the state for poor management of public funds. 




Rep. Lorissa Sweet:

  • Voted to strip a corrupt university of its funding
  • Refused to vote for pork spending
  • Fought back against corporate welfare




Rep. Sweet Has Been Fighting for Integrity in Indianapolis!

A Vote for Lorissa Sweet Is A Vote for Integrity!

Primary Election on May 7th!


Lorissa Sweet Fights For Lower Taxes! 

Rep. Lorissa Sweet Is Fed Up With TheLiberal Tax and Spend Agenda! 




When it comes to protecting your hard earned money, the choice couldn’t be clear…




State Rep. Lorissa Sweet has consistently fought against bloated budgets and to lower your taxes! 




During Her 1st Term in the Indiana Legislature, Sweet has:

  • Co-authored legislation to eliminate the state income tax
  • Voted against bloated budgets
  • Voted to curtail the government bureaucracy



Keep your hard-earned money in your pocket,

Vote to keep Lorissa Sweet in office.

Vote on May 7th in the Primary!






Lorissa Sweet Stands for Transparency!

Rep. Lorissa Sweet Has Been Hard at Work Fighting for Transparency in Indianapolis!




State Rep. Lorissa Sweet is championing government transparency in Indiana, making sure that your tax dollars work for you, not special interests, or bureaucrats. 




Rep. Lorissa Sweet:

  • Voted to strip a corrupt university of its funding
  • Refused to vote for pork spending
  • Fought back against corporate welfare

A Vote for Lorissa Sweet

Is A Vote for Transparency!

Primary Election on May 7th!











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