Keep Out Yoder!

– on April 23rd –

Pennsylvania House Representative – District 109

Matt Yoder Will Always Be A Democrat For Life!

Matt Yoder was a registered Democrat until 2024.




RINO Matt Yoder:

  • has run for office twice as a registered Democrat.
  • is the President of a Leftist education group in favor of teaching students critical race theory
  • only switched parties just months before filing to run in the Republican Primary!




He may have switched parties, but he is NO Republican.




Vote “No” To Fake Republican

State Rep.  Candidate Matt Yoder

On April 23rd! 




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Matt Yoder Switched Parties To Run For Office!

State Rep. Candidate Matt Yoder Switched Parties Just to Run For Office! 




Matt Yoder has voted Democrat his whole life, ran for school board as a Democrat, and trusted Radical Leftists like Joe Biden and John Fetterman run our country! 




Matt Yoder claims he’s changed his radical leftist stripes, but proudly voted for Democrats when:

  • Democrats opened up our borders to millions of illegal immigrants
  • Democrats in Pennsylvania sanctioned election fraud
  • Democrats tried to destroy Pennsylvania’s energy industry



Don’t Be Fooled by the Marxist Matt Yoder!




He is Just Another Democrat Puppet! 

Say “NO” to State Rep. Candidate Matt Yoder 

On April 23rd!



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Matt Yoder is A Republican In Name Only! 

Just Because They Have An “R” By Their Name, 

Doesn’t mean They Are A Conservative! 



Matt Yoder is A Republican In Name Only! 




State Rep. Candidate has SWITCHED PARTIES on paper…



But His Record Is Indisputable:

  • Voted for Democrats his whole life
  • Ran for school board as a Democrat as recently as last year
  • Matt Yoder has run for office twice as a Democrat




Don’t  Let Matt Yoder In Sheep’s Clothing Fool You! 




Vote Against Democrat Matt Yoder

For House Representative

On April 23!




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VOTE April 23rd




Support The RINO Hunt Against Matt Yoder



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